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Monday, March 07, 2016

How to blog?

I took Pam, ( the quilter / adopted big sister, house bound ) and Jerry, her husband ( retired / early stages of  dementia / army guy ) to their cardiologist.  It was just a six-month check up. Before anybody says anything to me, I'm dictating from my iPhone and spaces show up between words when I don't tell him ( Siri ) to. So, hence grammatical errors.  The visit was a success their next check up will be six months. They do enjoy getting out and comment about work crews on our streets, random clouds, and drivers. The army guy sitting in the back gives us random memories of by gone years. Pam and I are like sisters and I can tell her Most things. We do love Jerry but constant talking while I'm driving and I'm on the wrong street. I wonder if he thinks I'm a safe driver? I drive the speed limit, no tickets and I'm courteous. The quilter and army guy wanted a sandwich before heading home. It's a treat for those who can't get out often. I throughly enjoy making these two happy. A Sonic burger would do. I got them home and per tradition after Pam gets in her hospital bed we watch old movies and maybe an episode of a tv show we like. The army guy sits happily in the living room watching his re-runs. It's in my mind the whole time,  has the gamer at home ate? The movie was over and I left for the day and headed home to the gamer and my three furr babies. At this point, I have given said my laptop, my tablet to the gamer. Mind you, I bought him a laptop a few years back. He's been diagnosed with schizophrenia.  It's mild but he doesn't leave the house hardly ever. His grooming has gotten better with the medication. It comes time for me  it comes time for me to blog and I don't  have a suitable device! For some reason I can only retrieve a few hundred of the over thousand photos I have on my phone in the cloud somewhere. It's annoying!  I forgotten how to blog? And from an iPhone, it's difficult to figure out how to retrieve my photos or to simply write! This is my dilemma. I don't know how I'm going to fix it yet?!! There's a cool breeze outside and I'm keeping my windows cracked while I sleep. Our upstairs is so much warmer than downstairs. I'm not a skinny minny anymore. I sleep better with a cool room with air circulating from a ceiling fan. I almost would give someone my password if they could fix my blog and tell me how to post photos. It's getting late and the Late, late show with James Gorden is on so I'll say good night or day which ever applies.