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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Melancholic, pensive Sunday

The boys let me sleep a little later this morning and got rewarded with buttermilk pancakes. Before I got up, I heard don't go in my room from the gamer to the grandson. Disunity was in the air. Carry on, I did. I don't go to church until 5:00 pm. I had free time and all was well on both levels of the townhouse until mid day. All pandemonium started! The grandson was tearful and slammed the entryway door. "I'm running away and you can't stop me Grandma!" He was angry because he couldn't play the PS4 after successfully completing a series of tasks the gamer asked him to do. Now, I'm angry with the gamer. The gamer had a friend over and didn't want to entertain the grandson. He's had a rough spell since his dad passed. It's affectived his school, social, and home life. Sometimes it gets extreme and a hotline call has to be made. He got calmed down after talking over the phone. "Grandma, I love you!" I told him no matter what I loved him and would always try and help him. By this time, my energy was drained and I wasn't going to church tonight. 5 o'clock came and it was time for me to take him home. We were driving and we both saw the moon, which looked huge and super close. We both needed a feel good moment before dropoff. I throughly enjoy Sunday nights on PBS. The Durrells in Corful is on episode 5 with their English aunt to the rescue to save her from her own demise.  It's going to be a long night sigh. Send good thoughts my way. My heart is heavy.

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