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Friday, November 18, 2016

Many heroes throughout my life

I'm the baby in the family. I came along 9-10 years later than my brother's Terry the eldest, at 10 and Stanley at 9. I admired and loved my brother's. Daddy and Mamma bought a house in suburbia. A row of similar houses built by the same contractor on a long street called Castle Heights Avenue. There were lots of children to run and play with during the years. Summers were the bomb. Daddy worked for Trans World Gear, TRW in their plant third shift. Mamma was a stay at home Mom, but worked at Clain Sloans at Christmas time in downtown Nashville. Department stores treated their customers grandly back in the 1970's. Her lifestyle, which was ours by association was excessive at times. It was the wintertime and she didn't drive so she rode the Greyhound Bus to Nashville back and forth to Lebanon. A snow storm blew in and I40 was closed and buses had ceased travel temporarily. Daddy had to go to work so Stanley said " you can come sleep with me." He wrapped me up good. He always had the window cracked even in winter to sleep. I slept all night curled up like a bug in a rug next to my big btother. Snow was blowing in through the crack. I heard the door open, it was my Daddy calling for me. He called me sister or sissy. He brough warm, glazed donuts from Sunshine Bakery. Daddy could drive anywhere in the snow. Stanley was my hero that night. I was just about 6 and my Mom and Dad both weren't home. I'll always remember his kindness shown to me when I was little. Night

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