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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lazy Saturday

I look forward to watching college football games on Saturday afternoons. University of Tennessee Volunteers won 49-36 against University of Kentucky Wilcats in the SEC East Confrence. The good ole boys could be heard singing 'Rocky Top' going to the locker room. Neyland Stadium can hold up to 100,011 people. Home games are full of a sea of orange and white fans wearing the home team colors. We are die hard, lifers ! The Vols can still pull out a win of the confrence if they win out and Florida loses to LSU. The quarterback Joshua Dobbs had a good day. I prepared spaghetti for dinner tonight. Before I sat down, I figured the cats needed bathed for holiday photo's and they roll in dirt which makes the boys coats lack luster. They've been pouting since the bathing began. Night

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