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Friday, November 11, 2016

Hold on a cotton picking minute.

Hold on a cotton picking minute. I've been working on this blog tonight and must admit I've had some success. The side bar has me baffled but that's for another time. Low and behold, I have to get up earlier than normal and hit the floor a walking notice I didn't say running in the morning. The gamer, ( Walker ) has his caseworker coming over for a chat and a visual. I must do some dusting, clean the cat box, and sweep and vacuum floors. I noticed I need to clean windows and glass too. I shared a recent photo of my grandsons, Zayn, 10 years and Atlas 4 years in December. We went to a local Conservation Area here in Jefferson City and on display they had owls. Atlas didnt want to leave the exhibit, but with some encouragement we did some arts and crafts and read a story about owls. The children had popcorn and cocoa to drink. It was a nice evening for all. Friday evenings, I  watch the boys while their mother, Erin works part time until Christmas. The boys and I have a good time. Zayn comes to my townhouse for the weekend after Mom comes home near 10 pm. I bring him back after church Sunday night.

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