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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Friends are the bomb.

I awoke super early and am headed over to my besties ( Pam ) house to help her clean some clutter downstairs. Jerry and her, plan on buying a house in the spring. We have a lot to tackle. She's almost bedridden but when I go over she gets up and we sew, bake delicious sugar cookies, laugh about anything. She's my protector. She hid me after JayJ died and took all the phone calls. She's my Momma bear. I'm putting a sample of one of her quilts. Ive been bequeathed several. I have a secret and a surprise for Zayn this afternoon. IHOP, a pancake/ restaurant is opening in Jefferson City today. I'm picking him up after school and we are going to get his favorite, french toast with powered sugar. When we travel, if it's available I try and find a International House of Pancakes for our breakfast. Children are so simple to please.

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