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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas time already?

It was °80 degrees outside today and the wind was blustery. My hibiscus, which is a bright, coral orange still has blooms on it. My yellow mums are on their second bloom. The birds rarely come to their feeder. They've flown south for the winter. I talked to Pam and she said " the tree was ready for decorating. " I knew that meant head over in a hurry before Jerry gets a hold of the tree. This year I wanted it in her bedroom so that she could see it and enjoy it. They haven't put the tree up in over 5 years and I'm so excited for them. She had unusual ornaments that I thoroughly enjoyed putting on the tree. Thanksgiving comes next Thursday and most people have their houses decorated inside and out doors by then. We are a little early, but who cares?  We watched an old movie with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. A married couple with a hypochondriac husband and a wife who was full of whit and scheming. I headed home after that. I had to finish bed linens in the washing machine. I worked on some paining of wooden Christmas crafts. A painstakingly, slow, gradual process. I do enjoy doing crafts. The gamer and the cats had the place to themselves for a few hours. They all enjoy the frredom. I do too, don't you? Night


Donna Wood said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I came here to snoop and see what sort of person took time to read my drivel and found a Missourian! My husband has lots of relatives in Versailles, and when any of them have some serious illness, they end up in Jeff City. We're in that area several times a year.

Gabrielle Howard Gengler said...

Your welcome Donna; I throughly enjoy your life snippets on your blog. We have something in common we were both brought up in the Church of Christ. My friend, Tina and I enjoy the drive to Versailles too. We have an Amish farm we buy fresh garden produce from. There's an Amish or Mennonite retail store we enjoy shopping in too. You never know what they are going to have. Thanks for stopping by.