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Saturday, November 01, 2008



The day started off so nice; Walker didn't have school, so everyone slept late Friday. That in it- self was glorious to me. I was chipper and busy all afternoon. I hadn't gotten his costume out of the storage shed. Friday afternoon, I got boxes down, and exhaled dust and cobwebs went in my hair yuck. That's part of it though. I was going to be more organized this year. I really was, but it didn't happen. I didn't put out much Fall decor this year. I have a plan for Christmas decor though. I will get it out by Thanksgiving. I have to have regular pep talks with myself. The goal is to decorate like I always do.

Many churches in our area offer a fall festival kind of atmosphere. Walker wanted to go, so we did. It was so packed you could hardly get through the place. They did have a rock climbing wall, mechanical bull, huge NASCAR track with gigantic cars to race on the track. This place was cool. I knew he would stay for about 45 minutes then want to do his ritual of door to door Trick or Treat. I drive the car up about 5 houses from him and he criss-crosses the street. We go in the same neighborhood's every year. The houses are very close to each other and Mom's, Dad's and kids are packed where I take him every year. He surprised me this year though, he wanted to quit by 8:15. We did and he got more candy he's gotten in several years. We didn't have the baby last night; I knew it would be rough on him staying in the car or keeping up with Walker. He went Trick or Treating with his "Mee Mee" his other grandma.

We got home; he poured all his candy on the floor then re-arranged it in tubs. I got him to watch a movie with me. Have y'all heard of "The Invisible?" Here is the plot, after an attack leaves him in limbo -- invisible to the living and also near death -- a teenager discovers the only person who might be able help him is his attacker. It was a good movie; I recommend it.

Saturday came, we did our normal routine. Later in the day, Jay-J. pops in my room. He wants to know what I'm doing. I was doing nothing but watching a movie. We take the boys to the park. We played Frisbee and swung. Little buddy got hurt and has a nice shiner under his eye from the monkey bars. Mama got a little shook so we went to their house. They cooked Mexican food for us. We had burritos with the fixings, chips & salsa. After dinner, we all sat down on the floor to play Apples to Apples. I WON the game! I never win, and you know what? Jay-J. was pouting. I thought is was funny. The avoided topic of politics lingered into discussion. It's been said by many, we are leading to Socialism. He blew a gasket, when I said for Some Countries it has worked for them. We all know that CHINA has a horrible record with it's people and their liberties. None the less; we need to be concerned about where our country is headed. I'm voting are you?

until we meet again...