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Monday, October 20, 2008

"It's my Birthday"

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Walker and I hadn't made plans on Saturday.

Sometimes, it's nice not to have time restraints.

The evening approached, and Erin popped her

head in the door to see if we were home. She said,

"We have presents, cake, and Jay-J is going to grill steak."


They brought salad, potatoes to make mashed potatoes,

with lots of fattening butter. She put brown sugar

on the baked beans and put them in the over.

We had a delicious birthday dinner.

Erin got me several things from Bath and Body Works.

Lavender is my absolute favorite scent, and

Cinnamon spice would be a solid 2nd.

Walker got me a gift card from Barnes and Noble.

I enjoy reading immensely. We are a family

who loves to play board games. We played

Apples to Apples, after dinner.

Everytime we play that game there is

never a time where it's the same. It was getting late,

and Zayn was getting crabby and wanted to go to

sleep in Grandma's bed. I let him sleep over,

but he didn't go to sleep easily.

I was tired when I got up Sunday morning.

Turning 45 doesn't feel old to me. I am one who loves

roller coasters, riding bike trails. I love life! I told my

kids, "you are only as old as you feel." I resolve the fact; that

I'm never going to grow up life is to exciting!

Until we meet again...

1 comment:

Joann said...

A very HAPPY (though, belated) BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE your attitude of LIFE!!! That's SO REFRESHING!!