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Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's 5:00 am somewhere.⏱

I heard feet coming up the stairs. I was already awake. 5:00 am was the start of our day.  Zayn brought his special quilt and wanted my tablet. He rolled the tray over to his side and propped up the tablet. I was headed downstairs to get coffee and feed the cats 🐱 🐱 🐱 While waiting for coffee to brew, I opened a can of special food for the feline crew and fresh water and dry food out. The grandson wanted 🍓 strawberry milk and a pop tart. He thought I was taking to long so down the steps he came. I sent him on his way with his breakfast. I got my coffee and headed upstairs to read some blogs and watch the sunrise 🌅 The wind is still blustery and finally a normal chilly November morning. Zayn chooses a new game for my tablet. His is lost at his house. We talk during breaks on his game. Tiger, big boy joins us and Raja lays down near the end of the bed. Time flew by this morning. Zayn had an irritating, runny nose so I decided to go to the grocery store and get Benadryl liquid. Schultes IGA makes all their bakery items in the wee hours so the gamer and grandson got their choice. Last night Erin Lynn, my dil was making chocolate like truffles for work today. They were working today so that they would have a four-day weekend over Thanksgiving. Atlas and I used paper plates to cut out Christmas trees 🎄. We colored and I cut out stars for his special tree. He wanted to keep grandmas. The three boys have my heart.   BloggerImage BloggerImage 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Many heroes throughout my life

I'm the baby in the family. I came along 9-10 years later than my brother's Terry the eldest, at 10 and Stanley at 9. I admired and loved my brother's. Daddy and Mamma bought a house in suburbia. A row of similar houses built by the same contractor on a long street called Castle Heights Avenue. There were lots of children to run and play with during the years. Summers were the bomb. Daddy worked for Trans World Gear, TRW in their plant third shift. Mamma was a stay at home Mom, but worked at Clain Sloans at Christmas time in downtown Nashville. Department stores treated their customers grandly back in the 1970's. Her lifestyle, which was ours by association was excessive at times. It was the wintertime and she didn't drive so she rode the Greyhound Bus to Nashville back and forth to Lebanon. A snow storm blew in and I40 was closed and buses had ceased travel temporarily. Daddy had to go to work so Stanley said " you can come sleep with me." He wrapped me up good. He always had the window cracked even in winter to sleep. I slept all night curled up like a bug in a rug next to my big btother. Snow was blowing in through the crack. I heard the door open, it was my Daddy calling for me. He called me sister or sissy. He brough warm, glazed donuts from Sunshine Bakery. Daddy could drive anywhere in the snow. Stanley was my hero that night. I was just about 6 and my Mom and Dad both weren't home. I'll always remember his kindness shown to me when I was little. Night

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas time already?

It was °80 degrees outside today and the wind was blustery. My hibiscus, which is a bright, coral orange still has blooms on it. My yellow mums are on their second bloom. The birds rarely come to their feeder. They've flown south for the winter. I talked to Pam and she said " the tree was ready for decorating. " I knew that meant head over in a hurry before Jerry gets a hold of the tree. This year I wanted it in her bedroom so that she could see it and enjoy it. They haven't put the tree up in over 5 years and I'm so excited for them. She had unusual ornaments that I thoroughly enjoyed putting on the tree. Thanksgiving comes next Thursday and most people have their houses decorated inside and out doors by then. We are a little early, but who cares?  We watched an old movie with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. A married couple with a hypochondriac husband and a wife who was full of whit and scheming. I headed home after that. I had to finish bed linens in the washing machine. I worked on some paining of wooden Christmas crafts. A painstakingly, slow, gradual process. I do enjoy doing crafts. The gamer and the cats had the place to themselves for a few hours. They all enjoy the frredom. I do too, don't you? Night

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Friends are the bomb.

I awoke super early and am headed over to my besties ( Pam ) house to help her clean some clutter downstairs. Jerry and her, plan on buying a house in the spring. We have a lot to tackle. She's almost bedridden but when I go over she gets up and we sew, bake delicious sugar cookies, laugh about anything. She's my protector. She hid me after JayJ died and took all the phone calls. She's my Momma bear. I'm putting a sample of one of her quilts. Ive been bequeathed several. I have a secret and a surprise for Zayn this afternoon. IHOP, a pancake/ restaurant is opening in Jefferson City today. I'm picking him up after school and we are going to get his favorite, french toast with powered sugar. When we travel, if it's available I try and find a International House of Pancakes for our breakfast. Children are so simple to please.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Just a Monday

I had an appointment with Dr. Amen and it went well. With her forehead raised, I knew from past experience to take what she said with gravity. Some one close to me, has had homicidal and suicidal ideation thoughts for along time. He's under medical care. He's not getting better and I'm scared, angry, and frustrated because it's not my call on the care given. After Chicky got home from work, I headed over for a normal Monday routine of DWTS ( Dancing with the Stars ) on the tube and a meal with laughter to ensue. She had cooked a delicious meal of baked chicken, baked potatoes with the fixings, and zucchini. She made a homemade coconut cream pie for dessert. We both cheered for Laurie Hernandez who was in the 2016 Summer Olympics and won a gold and silver medal. Val Chmerkovskiy a 14 time US National Champion and two-time World Champion is her muti-talented partner and dance instructor. She's so athletic and dancing comes easily to her. I hope they win the competition. The gamer wasn't demanding today. I even got a nap in this afternoon. Mundane Monday's are nice! Night

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Melancholic, pensive Sunday

The boys let me sleep a little later this morning and got rewarded with buttermilk pancakes. Before I got up, I heard don't go in my room from the gamer to the grandson. Disunity was in the air. Carry on, I did. I don't go to church until 5:00 pm. I had free time and all was well on both levels of the townhouse until mid day. All pandemonium started! The grandson was tearful and slammed the entryway door. "I'm running away and you can't stop me Grandma!" He was angry because he couldn't play the PS4 after successfully completing a series of tasks the gamer asked him to do. Now, I'm angry with the gamer. The gamer had a friend over and didn't want to entertain the grandson. He's had a rough spell since his dad passed. It's affectived his school, social, and home life. Sometimes it gets extreme and a hotline call has to be made. He got calmed down after talking over the phone. "Grandma, I love you!" I told him no matter what I loved him and would always try and help him. By this time, my energy was drained and I wasn't going to church tonight. 5 o'clock came and it was time for me to take him home. We were driving and we both saw the moon, which looked huge and super close. We both needed a feel good moment before dropoff. I throughly enjoy Sunday nights on PBS. The Durrells in Corful is on episode 5 with their English aunt to the rescue to save her from her own demise.  It's going to be a long night sigh. Send good thoughts my way. My heart is heavy.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lazy Saturday

I look forward to watching college football games on Saturday afternoons. University of Tennessee Volunteers won 49-36 against University of Kentucky Wilcats in the SEC East Confrence. The good ole boys could be heard singing 'Rocky Top' going to the locker room. Neyland Stadium can hold up to 100,011 people. Home games are full of a sea of orange and white fans wearing the home team colors. We are die hard, lifers ! The Vols can still pull out a win of the confrence if they win out and Florida loses to LSU. The quarterback Joshua Dobbs had a good day. I prepared spaghetti for dinner tonight. Before I sat down, I figured the cats needed bathed for holiday photo's and they roll in dirt which makes the boys coats lack luster. They've been pouting since the bathing began. Night

I want you to know, but I don't want to tell you.

My morning had began as most mornings go. Whisker's pawing at my hair with his claws, Tiger and Raja goosing for a closer spot to me. I get up, and go in the bathroom to turn the water in the tub on for Whisker's. I make sure the others waterbowl upstairs is full. I tell them we are going back to bed. The routine starts over with first dibs on the bed. Whisker's crocked tail is thumping because he's not happy with the hierarchy order at present. He starts giving me a new hairdo. The gamer had been up for over 24 but I was calculatingly, ignoring the summond coming soon. I layed there about 30 minutes and said forget it. I want my coffee with vanilla creamer and sugar. The question came, "are you staying up?" "Want do you want for breakfast ?" Bacon and biscuits it is. The slippery slope began with the gamer deciding he wouldn't  meet with his caseworker today. My stomach starts churning; it's going to be a challenge today! Thank goodness I got her voice mail. Yep, I'm the coward today. My grandson told me earlier in the week the bad thoughts are back. Hom and suc ideation has been prevalent since JayJ died in 5/2014, his Dad, my son. I told my daughter in law, and she never called me back. This is difficult for her to deal with. He has a cocktail of health care providers now. The encouragement from the principal at school, me, and his counselor. It took him running away in the rain with his umbrella walking for over 2 hours in route to my place. I knew I needed to walk gingerly around her when I came over to watch the boys. She was on her phone as usual. She hurried on to work. Zayn loves climbing trees and he had to show me before his Mom left. I am overjoyed when he smiles from a happy place inside and laughs deep from his belly. I fed the boys a quick sandwich with yogurt, and fruit for dinner. Zayn has his games on my iPhone so off he went for peace and quiet in his room from his little brother who loves to get into his stuff. Atlas and I made Christmas wreaths cut out from paper plates. We colored, cut, and glued out masterpieces. He wore his as a hat. We both enjoy puzzles so I downloaded Christmas puzzles and we both throughly enjoyed doing them and watching the snow come down in the scenes with Christmas music in the background. I found an assortment of Christmas music we could listen to. I know it's early, but you make do with what you have to speard love and laughter for grandson's. Atlas got a quick bath, warm jammies. Mom came home on her phone and headed outside to smoke. I didn't get to hug her and tell her I love her. After so many deaths in my family, most get hugs and I love you before I go. Zayn got his stuff for the weekend and we couldn't get home quick enough. He went straight to bed and I made me some coffee. All three cats are in bed with me, tv on for noise and I'm finishing up today. Gamer just came in and asked 11:50 pm if I would go to McDonalds? Nope is the answer; I'll go at 8:30 am and surprise Zayn with his beloved pancakes. Night

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hold on a cotton picking minute.

Hold on a cotton picking minute. I've been working on this blog tonight and must admit I've had some success. The side bar has me baffled but that's for another time. Low and behold, I have to get up earlier than normal and hit the floor a walking notice I didn't say running in the morning. The gamer, ( Walker ) has his caseworker coming over for a chat and a visual. I must do some dusting, clean the cat box, and sweep and vacuum floors. I noticed I need to clean windows and glass too. I shared a recent photo of my grandsons, Zayn, 10 years and Atlas 4 years in December. We went to a local Conservation Area here in Jefferson City and on display they had owls. Atlas didnt want to leave the exhibit, but with some encouragement we did some arts and crafts and read a story about owls. The children had popcorn and cocoa to drink. It was a nice evening for all. Friday evenings, I  watch the boys while their mother, Erin works part time until Christmas. The boys and I have a good time. Zayn comes to my townhouse for the weekend after Mom comes home near 10 pm. I bring him back after church Sunday night.

Monday, March 07, 2016

How to blog?

I took Pam, ( the quilter / adopted big sister, house bound ) and Jerry, her husband ( retired / early stages of  dementia / army guy ) to their cardiologist.  It was just a six-month check up. Before anybody says anything to me, I'm dictating from my iPhone and spaces show up between words when I don't tell him ( Siri ) to. So, hence grammatical errors.  The visit was a success their next check up will be six months. They do enjoy getting out and comment about work crews on our streets, random clouds, and drivers. The army guy sitting in the back gives us random memories of by gone years. Pam and I are like sisters and I can tell her Most things. We do love Jerry but constant talking while I'm driving and I'm on the wrong street. I wonder if he thinks I'm a safe driver? I drive the speed limit, no tickets and I'm courteous. The quilter and army guy wanted a sandwich before heading home. It's a treat for those who can't get out often. I throughly enjoy making these two happy. A Sonic burger would do. I got them home and per tradition after Pam gets in her hospital bed we watch old movies and maybe an episode of a tv show we like. The army guy sits happily in the living room watching his re-runs. It's in my mind the whole time,  has the gamer at home ate? The movie was over and I left for the day and headed home to the gamer and my three furr babies. At this point, I have given said my laptop, my tablet to the gamer. Mind you, I bought him a laptop a few years back. He's been diagnosed with schizophrenia.  It's mild but he doesn't leave the house hardly ever. His grooming has gotten better with the medication. It comes time for me  it comes time for me to blog and I don't  have a suitable device! For some reason I can only retrieve a few hundred of the over thousand photos I have on my phone in the cloud somewhere. It's annoying!  I forgotten how to blog? And from an iPhone, it's difficult to figure out how to retrieve my photos or to simply write! This is my dilemma. I don't know how I'm going to fix it yet?!! There's a cool breeze outside and I'm keeping my windows cracked while I sleep. Our upstairs is so much warmer than downstairs. I'm not a skinny minny anymore. I sleep better with a cool room with air circulating from a ceiling fan. I almost would give someone my password if they could fix my blog and tell me how to post photos. It's getting late and the Late, late show with James Gorden is on so I'll say good night or day which ever applies.